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Maxwell-I'm You (You Are Me And We Are You)

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I am getting in touch with my neo soul side these days...I opened up my Windows Live Movie Maker and voila! I have more creative tools to work with....feel free to check out not the only the banging track but the video as well...feel free to rate and comment
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Text Comments (10)
Wayne Butler (1 year ago)
the sole hope for rhythm and blues.
Portia Peyton (2 years ago)
Love this song!
mochalicious .mo (3 years ago)
This album was a banger thanks for the nice video and track
Janice Zeno (4 years ago)
I really understand this song now by Maxwell. Such a great artists...gnb
gemini monkeys (4 years ago)
nice video!!!
Loving the bits....wel jel...:))
ch2dotnet (7 years ago)
* * * * *
funkhouse111 (7 years ago)
ooooh Trent...love what u doing with this...;) Tee
Linda j (7 years ago)
port2344chester (7 years ago)
Driving material! window down sunroof open..just CALIENTE SMOKIN!

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