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The Temptations Papa Was A Rolling Stone 1972 Single Version

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Albert Mag (9 minutes ago)
I miss the 70's The 60's were great too but the 70's are my fave. decade ...Music like this is pure exstacy
Christopher Simmons (1 hour ago)
This is a 100 ton train going up a mountain with no breaks Once it starts it's descent it's unstoppable
Marc Nel (2 hours ago)
Song starts at 1:54
janae Ariana (6 hours ago)
Temptations for ever my mama watched the movie everyday rip mama
Matthew McGinley (9 hours ago)
One of the best groups in musical history.
Wayne Eddy (9 hours ago)
daddy was a rolling stone...what an awesome piece of music...thank you....
valhelluva (13 hours ago)
No band (ever) could match ...Temptations for timeing & vocal harmonies , not to mention..Classy !!!..?
dice portz (13 hours ago)
I have always loved the bass line to this song.
Abdou Boumediane (16 hours ago)
Extra Super Cool !!
raythenation (16 hours ago)
use to love that song as a kid, still sounds good !
M. Warren McGovern (18 hours ago)
So we have songs about how a black man failed .
M. Warren McGovern (18 hours ago)
I might be white, but I don't give crap. I am a friend of the people of the world.
Baker Carl (18 hours ago)
Soul Train, Afros and Bell-bottoms.Yeah!
Nicola Sabbadini (22 hours ago)
Vukas948 (23 hours ago)
1974...Amsterdam...discotheque The Talk of the Town and Temptations...
cloudtoground (23 hours ago)
I like the nice clean pink outfits. Very clean and neat.
name change (1 day ago)
Vinegars revenge ~ KILL THE LORD OF FLIES!!! ~ SweetMountain Honey up in da HOUSE.
Raul Garza (1 day ago)
This is n awesome song no doubt! Ass a chicono we should always be there for our children always!!!
sure miss all these golden songs thank you..
My dad wasn't a rolling stone, but he was a trumpet player, so this song always brings him to mind for that reason. I had the pleasure of seeing the Temptations do this song live, in concert, and remember being blown away....
The good stuff.
fk in beutyful my respects
r davis (1 day ago)
This is one of the best top ten songs ever written , performed and sung songs ever.!!!!
Goku san (1 day ago)
old school <3 fuck the new musik
Sensatious Hiatus (1 day ago)
at 5:35 - girl on the left...I'll have what she's having
Clark Gable (1 day ago)
Play this in a cemetery and watch some of the departed come back to life .....
MrBigmac844 (1 day ago)
Gerrit Harteveld (1 day ago)
This song makes me feel black.
Sim (1 day ago)
Can't help but think of American Gangsta
Melanie R (1 day ago)
I want to be six years old again. This brings back a lot of childhood memories.
JOHN DUTTON (1 day ago)
Amazing and the mix of new technology and old footage wow. whoever did this thank you coz its brill.xx
andy wakeupworld (1 day ago)
Hard lyrics and even sharper music...absolute classic.👍🏼
Tammatha Billings (1 day ago)
This is a masterpiece.. & so are all of those beautiful Afros❤
TimrodTV (1 day ago)
Amazing my father was a solid mountain
Paul Kelly (1 day ago)
Always MEL and the men.12keys
Sharon Cissell (1 day ago)
What a superb song...all the way around
Wendell Cotham (1 day ago)
Kerul a Chi (1 day ago)
Most indelible group...once you hear them, you never forget the sensation left in you!
Cal Turn (1 day ago)
Best intro to a song EVER
Sylvia Clare (1 day ago)
song still holds after 45+ yrs but their costumes lol -
Jack Mansell (1 day ago)
The fidelity...made myu kum alive
Radd mann (1 day ago)
This song is amazing with good headphones
Melanie Coleman (2 days ago)
Soul Train was so good!
Melanie Coleman (2 days ago)
💜 So frickin good! The year, varsity basketball pom pom girl. Oakland 'Days on the Green'..magical times.
E Middlebrooks (2 days ago)
646 people are rolling stones for not knowing good music
broseph little (2 days ago)
Can't beat the og classics
Ronald Hiler (2 days ago)
Even to this day in the 21st-century, the Temptations music is still magnificent! These brothers were an inspiration and still are!
Richard Szymanski (2 days ago)
Der beste Sound den es jemals gab
Bubba DooM (2 days ago)
5:02 PM 7?14?2018
Helen Miles (2 days ago)
We love this song yay!
Scott Greasey (2 days ago)
Where did this did music go? Why, just why is today’s music garbage. There is some decent stuff out, but nothing like this!
forest yves (2 days ago)
c'est la voix de tête qu'ont copiée les Bee gees
Black Ceza Records (2 days ago)
My favorite song..
Zec Nenad (2 days ago)
chaterine hej joe moyda hendrix nesa iyvini ako gresim nesa
Catherine flaherty (2 days ago)
Vera Battemarco (2 days ago)
Awesome! Thanks!
Chanel Marley (2 days ago)
July 14 2018..... .
Chanel Marley (2 days ago)
Talandier Florent (2 days ago)
Kylian M'Bappé at 2:03
TheNorthman1957 (2 days ago)
Aziz James (2 days ago)
TheNigelr (3 days ago)
should be 100.5 billion views..
Donald Everett (3 days ago)
too fast
Eric Matterson (3 days ago)
Remember when songs had an actual deep message or story?
Jillian Mclaurin (3 days ago)
This was my father's favorite song. RIP Dad
Wes Tucker (3 days ago)
listen to the groove Line!! DAMMM just Funky.....
Shamrock Rancher (3 days ago)
Man. Music was so much better back in the 70's.
Thomas Becker (3 days ago)
Full of magic
Jim Tatman (3 days ago)
I remember the first time I ever heard this. I was hooked on crystal meth, and I used to cruise the streets of West Hollywood late at night looking for "trouble, " playing this on a cassette tape in my car.
Danny Moore (3 days ago)
Thank the universe you survived that period in your life...
Poke A Brain (3 days ago)
the intro of this song is superb.. always gives me chills... kudos to the composers.. and the temptations are soo good.
Jorge Mayorga (3 days ago)
What a song !
mamamelaverg (3 days ago)
Sounds like Pappa was a piece of chit lol
Kevin Franck (3 days ago)
I've always been a classic rock guy didn't care for Motown music wasnt my style and there were some talented acts only 3 acts i could listen to marvin , smokie, and temps. But this song by far is my favorite its brilliant love the instrumental intro.
frilia smith (4 days ago)
Those dudes were TOUGH!...in their hot pink jump-suits. I don't know any other man/group of men ever that could pull off wearing hot pink jumpsuits & still look tough...maybe Bruce Lee...but that might still be a stretch for him. Ahhhh, the 70's.
Shrek2.0 (4 days ago)
Great music allways stands the test of time
mocus1 (4 days ago)
lIkey !
caribstu (4 days ago)
Remember Where the Buffalo Roam? Great soundtrack. This was on there, fantastic tune. Does anyone else think some of the audience look like their on flakka ?
Jeannified (4 days ago)
Such an amazing song!
CSib pooh (4 days ago)
Natural beautiful Black people! I love this time period!
Jammer Mann (4 days ago)
Some of the best music ever made.
KT 2112 (4 days ago)
Just an awesome song, loved it then , love it now. Thanks for posting...
MainStreamG (4 days ago)
This reminds me of WHEELS AND THE LEGMAN!
Stephen Orosz (4 days ago)
I'm Just going to hit re-play and feel the power of these words sung so well ! ( this is what we want to see on AGT ! , Always Love the Matching Clothing /w Midas touch ! )
DAVID WOLF (4 days ago)
~ Amazing dance floor staple 1972 through the DECADE, and still, fresh in 2018. The superb sound of the Temptations; so iconic. Cheers, DAVEDJ ~
Granny Reynolds (4 days ago)
DEETROIT, O.O.G Muslim in da house ! Certain MUSIC eras ARE GONE, GARBAGE NOW ( Few EXCEPTIONS) is JUST THAT , Gaaarbaaage!
justin dupont (4 days ago)
He playing the fuck out that electric guitar
Always In my heart (4 days ago)
Oh Em to the Gee! I just saw the dancing going on here. Please! Hispanics slow it down, son!
Always In my heart (4 days ago)
Ooh! Gotta give it! Inspire me!
Concerned Citizen (5 days ago)
My papa wasnt a rolling stone. He was a piece of shit. But, hey, tomato,... to-mah-to.
cleanview70 (5 days ago)
tune is burning like polyglas gt's on detroit asphalt
Ty Manuel (5 days ago)
I had to play this song while I told my children about there so called grandfather
Jacqueline Vicks (5 days ago)
Everybody's everrybofy
Elton Paiva (5 days ago)
Playback assim como boney m
Joseph M (5 days ago)
5:23 Was not expecting that dude's voice to be so low after that falsetto
John D D (5 days ago)
I love the bass
Christian Taylor (5 days ago)
greatest song of all time. i don't even agree with that statement or consider it to be true. and yet, it remains the greatest song of all time
Joanie mallen (5 days ago)
Love the falsetto
christy watson (5 days ago)
This song will never get old... love this song n tha movie
Pete David (5 days ago)
Mucho groove

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