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♪ Love's Theme (adv. Cathay Pacific) #2 / Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra

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A tribute to Old Cathay Pacific Airways & Kai-Tak Airport British Hong-Kong. A Beautiful Tune & My Imaginable Story on YouTube videos. Thank you for your watching & joy my edit.video. Writer(s): Barry White, Aaron Schroeder Co-arrangement: Gene Page Producer: Barry White Label: 20th Century / Pye International Released: 1973 Cathay Pacific Airways TV advertisements BGM.
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誠子 誠子 (15 hours ago)
懐かしい。着陸態勢に入ると必ず流れはじめる。揺れながら台風の中を 左右に前後に 機内の照明が暗くなって 眼下に 台湾や香港 バンコク マニラ ジャカルタの夜景がチラチラ 皆さん 気分が悪くなってきたわ。とつぶやきながら😁😁 テーマソングは流れてました
Bubba Holtzclaw (2 days ago)
Peace and love for all... Barry meant it that way... so I think... but who am I? So Barry, love and peace for all!!!!
raksh9 (11 days ago)
This is really interesting, because I never knew that Cathay used this music for their ads. I only heard it played during take off in the mid 80s. Do you know when they stopped using it in the planes? Thanks for a great look at the old ads, I've never seen them before.
ARIO ARIO (19 days ago)
I remember as a young boy back in the 70's flying CP on board with this song.....wooow!!
Lana Whitney (26 days ago)
It was the best airline when I lived in Hong Kong back in the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alfa a (1 month ago)
Love's Themeは欽ちゃんのどこまでやるののクイズの全問正解パーフェクト賞の紹介のBGMでもありました。キャセイが先だったのかテレ朝が先だったのか…。トライスターに乗った時は衝撃でしたね。作りが違い過ぎて。いつもボーイングやエアバス機ばかりだったので。今は似たような機種ばかりで、個性のある機体が少なくなってしまいました。
D S (1 month ago)
I love that classy and elegant feel
Michael Jones (2 months ago)
CX was just the best in show in this era. Sensational times out of Kai Tak...loved flying HKG-BAH-LGW on a dash 300 747. So comfortable with incredible service. Unbeatable comfort.
Liau Chung Ren (2 months ago)
Where's my Tara ? Oh how I miss those Golden Days of Hong Kong that's forever gone...
n700mizuho (2 months ago)
Uh, Mr. Tatsuro Yamashita is by his radio program (JFN) sunday song book. It went on air with a comment as "the song which is best even if it was heard now, the best arrangement and the best performance".
n700mizuho (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for your nice music and picture.
Q. Taylor (3 months ago)
Omg...the VERY BEST of fromage!! Thank you!!
Jonathan Giray (3 months ago)
cathay pacific is the one airline closest to my heart
take5t0ky0j (3 months ago)
How about my video ? :)
Suyyek Humblemann (3 months ago)
Love the Green Queen of The Skies... Remind me of the good old days....
Keith Au (3 months ago)
Yes.Classical.classical and classical musics in time and histories.Cheers to [email protected]@@@@
Bernard Chan (5 months ago)
Whoever chose this piece of music for Cathay back in the 70s/80s was a genius. To this day, I still haven't heard anything more perfect for an airline ad or, indeed, for the whole experience of flying. And Barry White was truly a spectacular talent. Never has love sounded so romantic, uplifting, joyous and hopeful. Thank you for uploading.
Joyo Loesiahari (6 months ago)
This is so nice; it just reminds me of my childhood when my parents took me on a Cathay Pacific. They used to play this song onboard :) Thanks for the memories.
Ernie Sarmiento (6 months ago)
Looks like a Filipina attendant crew.
Albert Ngo (6 months ago)
2:56 the left hand side girl is very stunning
Elaine Chung (3 months ago)
Yes. She carries the shyness, yet the beauty to advocate Cathay
Elaine Chung (3 months ago)
Albert Ngo Yes
陳建宏 (8 months ago)
take5t0ky0j (8 months ago)
音乐为航空旅行 感谢作曲家=Barry White !!
Wolfsky9 (8 months ago)
At 71 y/o now, I feel ancient----remembering this commercial seen so many times. -------------------WolfSky9
Redtide (9 months ago)
this is the best airline song. I remembered it played since the 70s.
LICHBKLYN1 (9 months ago)
Nice vid take50ky0j. Have always loved this Barry White classic, and your vid brings back old memories. When I was a Flight Attendant. Way back in the day. 1977. TY for posting. You made me smile.
take5t0ky0j (9 months ago)
Thank you for your wonderful message & you made me smile too :))
amarc sully (9 months ago)
Wonder what those two flight attendants are doing today?
john fells (10 months ago)
Cathay could play this as their theme song now and it would still be a big hit for the airline as it was when it first came out all those years ago.
Liau Chung Ren (2 months ago)
john fells You absolutely hit the point brother. YES, YOU ARE RIGHT. I have suggested to CX many years ago that they should revive Love's Theme for their ad-campaign and Corporation's Theme Song. They didn't take my advice seriously which is too bad.
francis chow (10 months ago)
Classic! Makes Cathy Pacific is the first choice of supreme flying and service. I think they have the best trained pilot in any flying team.
Mamed Mikayilov (11 months ago)
Love Boat OST?
take5t0ky0j (11 months ago)
Love~~~~ Excite and New ~~~~~ ♫
Suyyek Humblemann (1 year ago)
Missing that days...
MRREDRAM100 (1 year ago)
今こんなCM流れたら香港行ってしまうだろうね。間違えても車いす人を乗せない諾意でなく キャセイで
MRREDRAM100 (1 year ago)
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
もしかしたら、「プロ障害者」かもね… http://hosyusokuhou.jp/archives/48796029.html
Romeo Resurreccion (1 year ago)
I love this music, I remember when I was a kid that I'd like to be a pilot someday because of this music.
Adolfo Pedregosa (1 year ago)
I miss the 1990s
Henry Quenin (1 year ago)
Wouldn't be PC enough today, an Asian airlines using the word "orient" This is a beautiful ad, with gorgeous women and music.
Arvin Bautista (1 year ago)
i love cathay ..this always reminds me of HONG KONG..I LIve in the States now..
Shimizu Hideo (1 year ago)
My favorate song.
Wolfsky9 (1 year ago)
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the 70's !!! -----------------------------WolfSky9
MRREDRAM100 (1 year ago)
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
ありがとうございます! (嬉しいコメントなので、消さないでくれww)
MRREDRAM100 (1 year ago)
笑 やられた。素晴らしい騙されるぐらい出来がよい。
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
いや、これは飽くまでも、楽曲で私が感じたイメージを、YouTube動画に上がっていた映像を使って、都合(曲想)に合致するよう再編集したものです。 富士山は、動画ではなく、Webに在った画像を挟んで動かしただだけですが、巧く繋がって見えた様でしたら、私の思いが伝わったので、良かったです。(時代と画質は違和感無い様に、気を遣って作ったつもりですw)
Wolfsky9 (1 year ago)
Hands-down, one of THE best commercials of all-time. -----------Wolfsky9
Wolfsky9 (1 year ago)
Honest---I've long considered this one of THE very best commercials of all-time. Whenever this came on , I always watched, & wanted to fly Cathay Pacific ! ----Wolfsky9
Wolfsky9 (1 year ago)
Really folks--there WAS a time when flying looked like this, & Barry's masterpiece made me want to fly anywhere on Cathay Pacific. -----A Long, LONG, time ago. ------Wolfsky9
gazunt (1 year ago)
soaring music, perfect music for take off. Been enjoying these easy listening/airlines 60s music lately.....can't get it out of my system.
Firman Kasmali (1 year ago)
Nostalgia ... Cathy Pacific TV commercials theme music, so great.
Albert Ngo (1 year ago)
miss that
Fluffy Burrito (1 year ago)
Why is this not available??
Joey Cole (1 year ago)
Beautiful women and airline, and Barry white gave this world a beautiful gift with this song!!!
Yuko Mugicha (1 year ago)
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
The Blackman, Mr. Barry White, left a legacy of profound excellence. RIP dear sir, your works were superb and a quality product.
Go Lo (1 year ago)
國泰航空 遨遊萬哩, 神采飛揚 Barry White - Love’s Theme
Cheng Alice (1 year ago)
memories....those were the good old days of cathay pacific and hong kong !!!
Claudio Vial (1 year ago)
La primera vez que volé de Quito a USA pusieron esta música y las montañas verdes se veían verdes esta música es la mas linda para comenzar un vuelo.
Wolfsky9 (1 year ago)
There really was a time when flying was like this. And, Cathay had absolutely THE most gorgeous flight attendants --though Singapore Airlines is a very close 2nd.-----Truly, a long, long time ago. ----------------------------Wolfsky9
paris oinone (1 year ago)
Elegant & Romantic
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
Merci bien !!
Daniel Hammond (2 years ago)
I really find that tune inspiring. The series of commercials made for Cathay Pacific utilising it must surely be the finest airline commercials every made. They are far, far superior to any other I know of. Thank you for posting them.
Scarlet Bubu (2 years ago)
was born a year after this beautiful and magnificent masterpiece was released. heard this music at a bakery shop, but didn't know the title. until I watched Despicable me 2. went to IMDB.com and identified the song. a truly immortal masterpiece created by a legendary maestro. brings back some difficult memories of the early years when I was at Changi airport to only watch other people fly. Flying in those days was considered a huge luxury. MUSIC LIKE THIS LASTS FOREVER IN HEAVEN, ON EARTH AND IN ETERNITY.
solopolo (2 years ago)
Such a happy tune, so uplifting! Perfect match for an airline commercial, Cathay hit the jackpot on this one.
melle gerda (1 year ago)
This song was also the inflight background music. I'm not making this up. The notes from the violins blends so well with the engine sounds of the 747-200. That makes the whole flying experience to some degree 'magical'.
Bat20One (2 years ago)
what a perfect songs for an airline commercial
Viewer4474 (2 years ago)
The commercials were such a part of my childhood. Selamat datang Cathay Pacific.
WARREN SEETO (2 years ago)
Jess Montes (2 years ago)
I absolutely love this song. And I loved it even more when "Cathay Pacific" used it for there ads. It just made you wanna fly Cathay Pacific. Thank You for Uploading! Thanks.
melle gerda (1 year ago)
I actually miss those seats in vivid jade colour knitted in patterns. I was in economy class in the 80's, seats weren't actually wide but I surely miss them.
Viewer4474 (2 years ago)
+Jess Montes Exactly! Of course, live bands on Singapore Airlines during this era were pretty darn cool.
Jess Montes (2 years ago)
+take5t0ky0j I feel ya.  I can still remember the feeling being inside the cabin.  This song , the smell, the whole experience. 
take5t0ky0j (2 years ago)
+Jess Montes This is One of the Best boarding tune ever ! Thank you.
Anderson Matos (2 years ago)
Barry White forever !!
Octopuskid (2 years ago)
This is very precious !  Thank you for sharing !
Pat Andersen (2 years ago)
I subscribed
Pat Andersen (2 years ago)
Thank you. I enjoyed it very much.
take5t0ky0j (2 years ago)
+Pat Andersen Thanks Pat :) Many footage in this Video which I made is from Cathay Pacific Adv. 1977-1988.
Pat Andersen (2 years ago)
Love this!, when was the commercial made? anyone know here.
take5t0ky0j (2 years ago)
To jbdoggy, Terry L, Mike Hevalow, tyme4mike, mrsgritoli1 Thank you so much for your wonderful message !! I just feel that i made your day :))
take5t0ky0j (2 years ago)
Thank you !! :))
Mike Hevalow (2 years ago)
+take5t0ky0j I , too enjoyed it very much. I enjoy Barry White and I live in a major American city surrounded buy 3 HUGE airports and I am used to seeing all kinds of air traffic. I Subbed!! Thank you!!!
jbdoggy (2 years ago)
The advertisement creators definitely made a very good choice in picking this piece. I dunno abt you,but i definitely get this feeling of floating & gliding in the air. Hence to me, its such a fitting piece to use to advertise an airline company!
Terry L (2 years ago)
Great shots of HK back in the 80s, I guess. So many happy memories of HK
Mike Hevalow (3 years ago)
What a great song to watch jumbo jets fly to. Very good.
tyme4mike (3 years ago)
One of the most fantastic airlines to ever grace the skies. Between Emirates and Cathay Pacific, I don't know who is the #1 airline I ever flew on. Flew to Bangkok back in 1990 by Cathay and it set the tone for the whole month I was there. Flew out by them, too. Excellent service and comfort.
mrsgritoli1 (3 years ago)
memories of the old Hong Kong checkerboard approach into Ki Tak
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
@shunichi matsumoto >このテーマは、皆さん想い出が多いですね。 @Xavier HK > I agree with you. Thanks !
shunichi matsumoto (3 years ago)
Xavier Hk (3 years ago)
i think cathay pacific must considerate to use this music again to be the boarding music
LICHBKLYN1 (9 months ago)
Xavier Hk, couldn't agree more!
Khoba Rogue (9 months ago)
Xavier Hk - people/passengers then will get sick of hearing it all the time
Adolfo Pedregosa (1 year ago)
Yeah. Bring it back.
melle gerda (1 year ago)
It would be nice to have the original livery back.
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
You're welcome, @bcatyahoo, @Cta2006, @Wong wan chung,@李徳華, @elaineyho18828,&@Conde Hui. Thank you for your emotional message !! (谢谢、美的回憶 你的留言 !!)
Conde Hui (3 years ago)
Thank you uploader! You bring my memory..
elaineyho818828 (3 years ago)
Yes, this is how I get to know this song - by watching the Cathay Pacific Ad on TV all the time.  For the last 25 years, I have always thought this is just a typical Ad song until I heard it again recently on Satellite radio. This song represents a lot of joy, happiness and hope. Thank you Barry!!
Wong wan chung (3 years ago)
I Feel that Cathay Pacific Airways Now in 2015 Should SERIOUSLY Retained this Promotion Music as an Icon for the Airline just also the 35 Years of the Tribute to the Mighty Boeing 747-400 too of Services and the Former Old Kai Tak Airport which Now Closed PERMANENTLY and Relocated to Chek Lap Kok International Airport as seen in Mega Structures You tube Documentaries.
Cta2006 (3 years ago)
It's a dam shame that Cathay will end their use of B747 soon ... :-(
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
@Vitor MP > Thanks again ! & Submiting some original video for you ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7H_DK3QtiA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDn4SAoSljU Some scenes of which was used in my video. Hoping for your good tour next !!
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
@Vitor MP > In the late 70's ~ early 80's, Cathay Pacific used this glamorous song for their TV adv. It was featured in the World. Many people saw that, and loved the Music. Thank you !!
Vitor MP (3 years ago)
Wondeful, take5t0ky0j! I live in Brazil and traveled two times to Asia, but I had not the pleasure to flight by Cathay. I hope in the next travel to this continent, that is the future of the world, have the oportunity to travel by Cathay. By the way, do you know where can I find some originals video of the Cathay's advertisement with this music? Thank you!
Vitor MP (3 years ago)
So glamorous! Is it true that Cathay used this music to be the on-board music?
Liau Chung Ren (2 months ago)
Vitor MP Yes, it was.
Sharon Wong (3 years ago)
+Vitor MP Yes it was. I was a CX flight attendant in the early 90s and it was the nicest boarding music I have ever heard.
bcatyahoo (3 years ago)
this is super good
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
@Susumu> & @michael zapanta > I agree with you !! Thank you so much for your message !!
take5t0ky0j (3 years ago)
@Leonaristo> If you wanna back your childhood's memories, use my video again & again. Thank you !! @muffintoo1> Let's rock'n roll again !! You're Welcome :)) @tommy m > I know about it. please u Watch the Video more loosely :))
Leonaristo (3 years ago)
Wonderful video and the music! As I was born in Hong Kong, went through the era of Kai-Tak, handover to China, etc., this video triggered tons of memories in my childhood.
melle gerda (1 year ago)
Kai Tak was wonderful as I heard from a lot of Westerners who had experienced flying to HK. It was like diving right into a sea of diamonds.
muffintoo1 (4 years ago)
Everytime I hear this song always makes me think of "lets rock and roll" cause this used to be the passenger boarding music. Thank you, its a good cut of various ads, suprise to see some really old one.
tommy m (4 years ago)
they switch planes at 2:12. That's not a 747. Either a DC-10 or MD-11. 
muffintoo1 (4 years ago)
+muffintoo1 It's a Lockheed Supertristar L1011.
Susumu (4 years ago)
I hope Barry White has duly got his royalties from Cathay Pacific
michael zapanta (4 years ago)
I like the kind of music,cool and refreshing
michael zapanta (4 years ago)
I like the kind of music,cool and refreshing
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
@Keith Law 谢谢 !
Keith Law (4 years ago)
Keith Law (4 years ago)
good film
NORACGG (4 years ago)
懐かしいー、この音楽。 ありがとさんね!
boogernights (4 years ago)
Everytime I  hear Love's Theme when I was a kid, I always wanted to go on a plane.
marc grey (4 years ago)
+Andrew Tickner YER RIGHT ME TOO..
Andrew Tickner (4 years ago)
same here.....I could escape from normality!!!!
chung man tam (4 years ago)
thank you!
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
Welcome :)
outrunsega (4 years ago)
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
@國崎潤> ありがとうございます。美しいテーマソングにのって、1980年代前後の古き良きキャセイパシフィックと、ダイナミックな「香港カーブ」から啓徳空港への着陸シーンを今一度、ご堪能下さい!
國崎潤 (4 years ago)
素晴らしい映像 構成 キャセイ かつて搭乗しました。トライスター 美しいです。ロールスロイス エンジン 名機でした。愛のテーマ やはり、よい。
The old song to remember thank you so much for this song.
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
You're Welcome ! Thanks you too !!
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
美幸的回憶 谢谢、你的留言!! Thank you so much for your emotional message & Memories !!

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