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Lucy Pearl-Dance Tonight

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As I continue to experiment with these new tools and having a little fun with it as well....kicking out the classics from yesteryear
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Deidre Willis (6 years ago)
I love this jam. it just makes you move to the beat.
Linda j (7 years ago)
anye76 (7 years ago)
love and basketball soundtrack TL great post. Forgot how much I liked this song = )
berlynn sparks (7 years ago)
i got this tape, it's the bomb.
sherrylynn70 (7 years ago)
Wow Chief...I feel like I have been to the club...fantastic vision for this upbeat fun song...once again, that I would have never gotten to hear...I know it seems like I am a million miles away...but, I still be preciatin you, brother..awesome production from the classy beginning to the disco ball at the end...lovin it..what are your new tools? I be likin them. ;-)

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