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Phil Collins Big Band - Pick up the Pieces

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Tri­bute to Ahmet Ertegun at the Mon­treux Jazz Fes­tival 1998. The Phil Col­lins Big Band and so­loists: #1 - Ge­rald Al­bright: Alto Sax #2 - Klaus Dol­dinger: Tenor Sax #3 - Sadao Wa­ta­nabe: Alto Sax #4 - Ge­orge Duke: Piano #5 - Pe­e Wee Ellis: Tenor Sax #6 - James Carter: Tenor Sax Ar­ran­ge­ment, di­rec­tion and con­duc­tion: Arif Mardin. From DVD Phil Collins: Finally...The First Farewell Tour (2005) / Disc 1 / Supplementary Videos.
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Text Comments (952)
Martín Muñoz campos (3 days ago)
La más excelsa versión de levanta la piezas que escuchado en mi vida gracias me has hecho la tarde
nonchokid (7 days ago)
Yader Salinas (24 days ago)
James carter the best
Bones Muhroni (26 days ago)
Michael Perfect (26 days ago)
Soulful Thumpin' (1 month ago)
Mr. Duke, you are a symbol! Rest in peace, my beloved teacher
Two Black Labs (1 month ago)
Hamish Stuart sent me here...AWB approves.
Funk63 (1 month ago)
17:42 > If Hendrix had played tenor sax ..
Thomas Lanik (1 month ago)
Pretty damn awesome. Thank you!
Joe R (1 month ago)
Giulio Boobzilla (1 month ago)
billytheweasel (1 month ago)
Dollars to donuts all Trump's money and power don't make him feel as good as this makes me feel.
Dread Marjah Ras (1 month ago)
Muy buenas improvisaciónes y me parece que al chino al que le toca improvisar a largo tercera vezle falla la caña.... Yo le eh experimentado y créanme algo así es fatal en medio de tan buenos músicos
Director de Proyectos (1 month ago)
De las mejores versiones que he escuchado. Asi señores del SAX !!!
James Gilliam (1 month ago)
oh how wonderful!!! what praise for AWB!!! Thanks a million for this!!! all the sax players are so happening in their own way,,,thanks for feeding my soul,,,getting funky from Ktown this weekend,,,ENC
Kyle Bakerson (1 month ago)
James Carter: big monster from outterspace !! He rocks a lot. He plays very unusual but it's what makes us remember him.
Jeff Duflo (1 month ago)
No words
carapo66 (1 month ago)
And the Phil Collins engine goes boop pap, boop pap, boop pap, boop pap.
Даниил Мишин (2 months ago)
Ge­rald Al­bright !!!
Carter, demonstração de respiração circular e sons harmônicos distorcidos. Os demais músicos: nota 10.
Andro Diao (2 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Jared Kosikowski (2 months ago)
Pretty badass version of this awb song.
Kevin Fallon (2 months ago)
I'm just a small town guy with a tin ear, but am still baffled by those 332 thumbs down folks.
rocknrolla (2 months ago)
goinxnginx (2 months ago)
Pee Wee's solo reminds me of the joke about the big bull and the little bull standing on a hill overlooking an entire herd of cows. I won't finish the joke. Look it up. It is a great fit. Pee Wee has a monster huge phat sound and his note choices and improvs are really amazing.
Federico Zampa (2 months ago)
I love Phil's drumming but here, although it's a big band program, he doesn't give me that funky groove feeling.. kick ass solos btw!!
平山惠一 (3 months ago)
ジェラルドのソロを聞いた後に ナベサダががれの 背中に イイネ のタッチをしているぜ! 日本を背負ってる ナベサダ がんばってるね!
Valelacerte (3 months ago)
It's almost like Phil Collins is too tight and not laid back enough. I mean he's dead on and too precise.
Lafayette Gunter (3 months ago)
I love james Carter's solo he's the man
Greg Boyd (3 months ago)
Good horn playin boys
Mariva Sax (3 months ago)
Bom de mais show viu
berniesat (4 months ago)
James Carter said it all... Oh my God! He's communicating with aliens.
Yeltsin 68 (4 months ago)
There’s a solid reason all these bands play these classics. It’s because they are literally so awesome! And transcends many decades!
Humberto Bertolini (4 months ago)
Albright Sax Solo is out of this world! Must be genius and very strong to perform it!
Frank Grant (4 months ago)
That looks like George Duke on the grand
Daren Dee (4 months ago)
And lets not forget George Duke on keys.
Scott Cohen (4 months ago)
i thought phil said in a recent interview about an original Genesis reunion he couldnt play drums anymore because of the pain. Too bad. One of the best drummers!
They are ALL great! Connected and depending on each other! I LOVE it!
Jay Weinstein (4 months ago)
albight is more than alrigth very impressed sounds like Cannonball would on this in a way maybe even better
Henry Ortega (4 months ago)
I really dig these cats. What is also very impressive is the quality of the commentary. but for few exceptions it is just about as classy as the show. WTG!
Giuseppe S (4 months ago)
Average White Band!!!!!!!!!!!
Funky Fires (4 months ago)
unreachable. wonderful
Maria (4 months ago)
OMG..that was sooo bad ass!!! That's my jam right there!! Phil on the drums..love the way he plays and those sax players were wild and untamed...LOVED IT!!!
bigwille11 (4 months ago)
Gre🔥💥☄️on fire
jdw416 (5 months ago)
here because of martin and hustle marcelus lmao
Christophe BEAUJEU (5 months ago)
And the faithful and excellent Daryl Stuermer on guitar
Frisbieinstein (5 months ago)
I prefer the Candy Duler version.
David Sempau Martínez (5 months ago)
And then James Carter steps in... shattering all sax playing concepts!!
goinxnginx (5 months ago)
George Duke is actually listening to each of these soloists and tayloring his playing perfectly. And all of the solos are really great, no need to rank them, just enjoy the funk.
mjac167 (5 months ago)
Good to see Phil on drums!
Douglas Kirby L (5 months ago)
Well, after all he is one of greatest drummers of all time.
p Bunink (5 months ago)
Slightly dragging the beat Phil, love you anyhow. Harder, faster, better. Original I prefer. Wait Pee Ellis! x
SebLind (5 months ago)
Casinopolis Sonic Adventure
Sukhbir Sekhon (5 months ago)
Good version but really do you really need that many sax players.
Sandrino Didoni (6 months ago)
cosa devo dire !!!! fantasticiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
teddy d (6 months ago)
Sounds like george duke is hinting at the sending soloist to play some more non diatonic stuff. Might just be my imagination, I can't stand how diatonic some of those solos are
simon wang (6 months ago)
oh oh that's very very nice 😁🐶🍅
Cicles Sax (6 months ago)
I was blown away by the solo work and collaborations of Phil Collins band they are so great that I was moved to play along with while this video play on percussions. I got into it with my emotions they are very sophisticated.
Primary Disguise (6 months ago)
Everyone's talking about Gerald's solo, it was awesome, but I thought James Carter's took it home
Bill Arney (6 months ago)
Can I purchase this on a DVD?
Yaboroqé (7 months ago)
21 minutes topmusic and groove and it never gets boring. Phil is keeping it tight together.
Eril Burgos (7 months ago)
I miss my Duke!!
alvaro c (7 months ago)
Es`pectacular- Que grandes
jose leonardo (7 months ago)
Ahh!! Que Vaina Tan Buena!!!
Leon Wallace (7 months ago)
I can't bring myself to stop it before it ends...
Gilberto Souza (7 months ago)
The best Improvisationalist!!!
nathan wind (7 months ago)
i find the drums boring and lacking.
afterthefox7 (7 months ago)
JAMES CARTER beat them all out, period.
Glen Denig (7 months ago)
This is tremendous!
Josh Huders (7 months ago)
Well done Gerald
Só féras nessa BIG BAND. PARABÉNS
ANDREW WATTS (7 months ago)
Funny how the driving force of this is the BASS player but he didn't get much vt time
Narda Brisseli (8 months ago)
Great Mr. George Duke on the keyboards.
Bill Arney (8 months ago)
Was an LP record produced of this arrangement?
LEOPOLDO RAMIREZ (8 months ago)
Driver parallel lines
truefilm (8 months ago)
Stating the totally obvious: LOVE the horn arrangements, extremely well preformed and the sax solos which have been discussed in detail. Time to mention the rhythm section. Man, it's as good as it gets: super tight and grooving like hell. Phil Collins might not the technically best drummer ever, but he is incredibly steady, crisp sounding and provides the perfect back bone. Unfortunately we don't see much of the percussionist, I think it's Phil's "partner in crime" being like one with Phil, completing him perfectly. George Duke (RIP) just kills it with his gorgeous piano comping and genius responses - his playing has just the right soulful jazz-funk feel with some beautiful gospel flavor (I would perhaps kind of compare him to the late Joe Sample, both with their respectively instantly recognizable touch and groove) and a TON of fantastic, original ideas. Beautiful killer laid back feel during his solo. Dare I say that he is the one who holds and glues it all together (with Phil of course). Can't go wrong with Daryl Stuermer on guitar and the bass player (name?) is ace. Awesome!
condenado a vivir (8 months ago)
Teb Al Di Destodes (8 months ago)
18:30 wow that guy kills it
Teb Al Di Destodes (8 months ago)
i have to say i just really enjoyed listening to this and not specifically watching at the video
Teb Al Di Destodes (8 months ago)
that melody reminds me of doldingers passports jadoo
MsJazZYLoveJAM (8 months ago)
Simon Hölldorfer (8 months ago)
19:20 did the sax scream for help?
asm1 (8 months ago)
Originally by Average White Band...... Phil can sod off ;)
Emiel Jansen (9 months ago)
Wow  i've never see/heard this peace... Amazing musicians!
Jeremiah Miles (9 months ago)
Gerald Albright - is a special, generational player. Tone, rhythmic and melodic creativity, altissimo to the moon, on top of that a great guy that cares about people. I get out to see him every chance I get and it never gets old. Love this guy.
Hugh Gray (9 months ago)
Gerald Alright solo clinic. Dam!
Lucas Baugh (10 months ago)
Albright's solo was one of the best I've ever heard.
ShadowSpartan9x (10 months ago)
I've figured it out.......sax players close their eyes during solos in order to keep the sweat out of their eyes during solos. Shit hurts and is distracting. I learned the hard way.
Olìvia Newton (10 months ago)
oc sorrells (10 months ago)
This sh#t is so good, I cannot stop listening to it. Damn!
Matt Stevenson (11 months ago)
Is that Daryl Steurmer on bass?
Paul Taylor (11 months ago)
Get it on brother on the sax
Buckeyecat2002 (11 months ago)
11:00-RIP George Duke
Simon Hölldorfer (1 year ago)
I want to learn and study exactly what george duke is playing during the other solos. No saxo player could wish for a better harmonization in his solo than Duke's. The way he harms those solos, also rhythm and dynamic wise is huge. I want to learn that so bad, but I'm afraid there's only one who can do it like that. And he can't teach me anymore. R.I.P!
Anime ultra zmaj (1 year ago)
I play pick up the pieces
José Luis (1 year ago)
Phil, one of the most brilliant musicians around the world.
Paul Kieley (1 year ago)
Yeah at 21 minutes, just a bit too long.
DJAGOJazz (1 year ago)
Just AWESOME !!!! Love them All !

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