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♪ Saving All My Love For You (Original) / Marilyn McCoo

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This is the Original track of the song which was sang by Marilyn McCoo in 1978. It's so womanly & graceful than Whitney's cover. Original Marilyn's track is the Best !! Written: Michael Masser & Gerry Goffin. Arrangement: Gene Page.
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Ken Lee (1 month ago)
Here's Marilyn at age 67 in a live performance ... boggles the mind how every list of so-called top 50/100 'greatest' female singers leaves her out .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxCfDDVHuno
vimmandude (1 year ago)
Marilyn actually sounds like Doris Day on this one!!
beeweejr (1 year ago)
Thank you "take". watched it earlier and played it over and saved it for my love.
beeweejr (1 year ago)
Accidentally came across this info. Wow. McCoo is a great vocalist. If the song had been reworked for a big single, she would have had a hit. Check her other work. "One Less Bell to Answer" and "Wedding Bell Blues" from her 5th D Days. Glad this is posted.
take5t0ky0j (1 year ago)
This is that for you !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=du4Kqm-1z7M
Carmen Chow @ G+ (1 year ago)
I mistakenly thought Whitley was the original. yes, this version is so much better. i love it so much. thank you sharing.
Rebecca Marpaung (2 years ago)
Both versions are great! I really love how Marilyn reached the high note super flawlessly! And doesn't mean to be rude, but in my opinion Whitney's version is more emotional and she delivered the song's message better :)
take5t0ky0j (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Marpaung Mmmmm! 70's world vs 80's world :))
Manuel Legaspi (2 years ago)
This is right TUNE !! please don't opposed!!
Manuel Legaspi (2 years ago)
This is ORIGINAL SONG that the lyrics that should be followed!!! I really love it!!
Tom McCurnin (2 years ago)
RIP Michael Masser who penned this song.
James Diamond (3 years ago)
I heard this once, when Whitney's version came out I recogni it be thought I was crazy. Her voice is so sweet.
Stanley Okimoto (3 years ago)
Whitney Houston, great as she was, has nothing over Marilyn McCoo...beauty, voice, class. Marilyn could have been as big or bigger than Whitney if she had started out as a solo artist, but she remained humble, classy, and loyal to the 5th Dimension and Billy Davis Jr. She was the total opposite of a diva. Marilyn was essentially a super model with an incredible voice!
moggs (1 year ago)
I'm sure of one thing. You're a retard.
melande1966 (1 year ago)
+brian morgan Are you sure Brian Trump ?
moggs (1 year ago)
I've never heard of the first two named. I've never listened to Lady Gaga. I do like Radio Gaga by Queen, though.
melande1966 (1 year ago)
+brian morgan Your favorite female singers are Joan Jett, Nina Hagen and Lady Gaga
moggs (1 year ago)
All a matter of personal choice, but I can't listen to Houston, who is too loud and brash for my ears. Ms.McCoo, however, caresses me, makes me feel oozy, and I adore her.
artisan06 (4 years ago)
Marilyn McCoo's version, but Whitney houston remade it put this song on map!
Jm V (10 months ago)
yeah a cover that resurrected marilyn mccoo from the grave.
SIMON Gill (2 years ago)
No. The Whitney Houston version is a cover
artisan06 (3 years ago)
+Nathan Furguson No it isn't! Marilyn McCoo first recorded it in 1978. Whitney remade it and put the song on the map!
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
Marilyn & Billy They're Wonderful Entertainer !! Thanks !
take5t0ky0j (4 years ago)
Next... Vocalese lyric transcribe by Cierra :) Thank you for your message.
Cierra Johnson (4 years ago)
the two versions are sooo different! I would love to do a combination of both and see how it turns out

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