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Asking Girls For Sanitary Pad
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This Girl Openly Asks For PADs in Public !
For a few every months girls go through their periods. Always show support :) And for the girls: Meet Clue - a period-tracking and fertility app. When you're busy with life, Clue reminds you when your next cycle is predicted to start. It's handy to get a heads up and never be surprised again. You'll also find out which exact days you're more or less likely to get pregnant. There's a reminder for your fertility window too. And you can track your pain, emotions, sleep, weight, temperature and much more to get to know yourself and your body better. Download the app for Andoird & iOS: http://helloclue.com/app.html
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PAD - Every Girl's Right (Short Movie) | Switch Caption On | TEE Foundation | 2nd Inning uTube
PRESENTED BY: TEE FOUNDATION (MLA DR.Bharati Lavekar) Donate a Pad: http://teefoundation.in/ PRODUCED BY Himanshu Kishan Mehra Sanjeev Gupta Bosco Martis ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Sahil Nayar WRITTEN BY Rishi Virmani & Vipul Binjola BRAND Tee Foundation (Sanitary Pad Bank) AGENCY & PRODUCTION HOUSE Prime Focus Technologies Ltd. CREATIVE DIRECTOR Pranav Chaturvedi ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Rajdeep Ghosh CAST Hetal Pandya Dinesh Sharma Parthi Omisha Purvi DIRECTOR Rajiev Bhanot FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Arshpreet Kaur Biji DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Krishna Banjan DoP ASSISTANT Javed STYLIST Jasleen Kaur PRODUCTION DESIGNER Asad HAIR & MAKE-UP Nissar LOCATION SOUND MIXER Ravi GAFFER Musharraf PRODUCTION MANAGER Varun Bhalekar PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Aatish Chawla OFFLINE EDITOR Krishnan Srinivasan POST PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Ashwarya Aggarwal GRAPHICS Gurmukh Singh COLOURIST & GRADING ARTIST Krishnakumar SOUND STUDIO Prime Focus Technologies Ltd. AUDIO ENGINEER Abhijit Dhamapurkar A short film to highlight the challenges women in our country face to access even a basic need of a Sanitary Pad. THE PROBLEM OF MENSTRUATION: Only 15% of India's menstruating women use sanitary napkins. 66% of girls are unaware of menstruation before their first period. 70% women think menstrual blood is dirty. 66% of girls and women manage periods without toilets. Over 85% of women who menstruate use unsafe materials, resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitized cloth, ashes and husk, sand and leaves. Over 23% of girls dropout of school completely after reaching puberty. THE SANITARY PAD BANK: The lack of access to Sanitary Pads is truly appalling, no matter what the reason. There are thousands of women in need of effective menstrual products, basic items we consider a necessity. Together we can help make a difference in these women's lives The SANITARY PAD BANK is an unique initiative by TEE Foundation, to ensure sanitary pads reach the needy and at the same time it invokes the involvement of the populace to create a self-sustaining system. SUPPORT THE CAUSE,DONATE A PAD: http://teefoundation.in/pb.php
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My Napkin Girl - A short Film
My Napkin Girl - A short Film This is a story of a beautiful girl who is the center of attraction of the young guys who wanted to get her attention.
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SO SO SAD...Girls in rural communities use rags as sanitary pads
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How to Use Pads During Periods Demo Video
How to Use Pads During Periods Demo Video is a video step by step using sanitary napkins for girls who are in preparation for their menstrual cycle. This is a video of how to wear a pad for period. https://youtu.be/p4uMI6e4Z1A
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Sanitary Pad Is Shame? : Social Experiment
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Period Hacks + DIYS ALL Girls NEED To Know! 5 DIYS + HACKS!
Get INTIMINA's menstrual cup at CVS & linked here: https://intimina.se/xoJahtna LETS TALK ABOUT PERIODS! DIY Period and feminine hygiene life hacks! Learn 5 feminine hygiene and period life hacks and DIY projects for that time of the month. It's perfect for on the go, school or home! We will learn HOW TO store your period supplies with an easy DIY , how to make a DIY heating bad for cramps and backaches, a genius HACK and alternative for the heating pad, introducing the Lily Cup, & more! Here are 5 period hacks that will make your life way easier! F O L L O W M E ! Instagram: @xoJahtna Snapchat: @xoJahtna DIY Period Supplies Kit! Did you know you could make a mini kit for that time in the month using an altoids tin box? You can add in your feminine wipes in there, pain killers, pads and tampons.They’ll all fit neatly in this little case that will fit in any purse or backpack! NEW Period Protection! A way to save money and waste during that time of the month is to switch to the Lily Cup, which is the new generation in period protection! Pad Hiding Spot HACK! This hack is not the traditional period hack but it’s involves using a pad as foolproof anti-theft trick. It’ll Keep your stuff safe and hidden! DIY Heating pad for Cramps! How to make a homemade heating pad using a bandana! Apply to your lower stomach and it’ll help with the pain, from backaches to menstrual cramps! DIY EASY and FAST Heating Pad! if you want a quicker alternative for those cramping emergencies, you could simply use a ziplock bag! Just place it in the microwave for a few seconds & place it on the area you’re experiencing pain! Comment this emoji “😎” if you made it to the very end of the video!! Love you! -Jahtna Business: [email protected]
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Girls Talk || Different types of Pads & Tampons || DeepikaZ
Hi all ! :) If you are new to my channel pls hit that SUBSCRIBE button to get notification on more useful videos .. This is a video on the types of SANITARY NAPKINS available in the market.. Sanitary Napkins Shown : Tampon-SOFY Pads-WISPER If any doubts on choosing over Tampon or Pad .. leave a comment down below .. Im glad to help :) Hope it helps.. Stalk me: Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeepikaZvlogs Twitter: https://twitter.com/deepika0888 Instagram: deepikaranga Snapchat: deepikazvlogs Take care, Love you all ... Cheers, Deepika
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Sanitary pad solutions to African girls skipping school
Keep up-to-date with the latest news, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/AFP-subscribe Unable to afford sanitary pads, many girls in Africa would rather stay at home than end up humiliated in front of their classmates. Designers of reusable pads have come to the rescue, allowing girls to save money and stay in school. Duration: 02:26 Follow AFP English on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AFPnewsenglish Latest news on AFP English Twitter: https://twitter.com/AFP Share your top stories on Google+ http://bit.ly/AFP-Gplus
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8 DIY Pad Life Hacks All Girls NEED To Know!!! | Period Life Hacks
8 DIY Pad Life Hacks All Girls NEED to Know! Some Period life hacks to help with your period and some DIY Pad life hacks for you guys! Thumbs up if you like Period life hacks, Pad hacks, Period facts, my period routine vids, and DIY pads videos! PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 300K SUBS: http://goo.gl/0v5GNS Comment if you want more Period hacks and Pad life hacks and be sure to watch my 10 period life hacks all girls need to know video and my period playlist (linked below)! 10 Period Life Hacks All Girls NEED to know: https://youtu.be/4aZNYnwsquM My PERIOD playlist videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiOCn8sBSEo3xEasfZwmiF_mQgiT1piZZ Want to SEND ME SOMETHING?? Send it here: Marissa Rachel 14080 Palm Drive Suite D, PMB #240 Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 United States *Quick note*** If you guys want to ask me your personal dating questions, the best place to interact with me is on Instagram! I try to answer all of the questions I get on there! @missmarissarachel Make sure you S U B S C R I B E for more videos, including: How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hx_86uXCRI Do Guys Really Prefer Blondes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WL7xH5xBB8Y How to Fake a Secret Admirer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kOKPsIkz8g&list=UUw3c7PID_2jtBn4fH6yNzng For business inquiries only: [email protected] To catch up with what I'm doing or ask me any of your dating questions, follow me on social media! INSTAGRAM: missmarissarachel FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MissMarissaRachel TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Marissa_Rachel PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/youtubemarissa/ GOOGLE +: https://plus.google.com/+MarissaRachel Make sure you LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, and REQUEST A VIDEO! :)
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Indian Men and Sanitary Napkins |Why should girls fear while buying sanitary padsWomen's Day Special
Why do Indian Women feel embarrassed buying sanitary napkins? The answer is "Indian Men". Don't you think menstruation is a natural process? It should be dealt in a much better manner,Especially in country like India. Why should girls not talk about their basci need of sanitary pads or sanitary napkin openly. Why they should fear of being mocked out in public while buying or carrying these pads. This video tells us about to think on this topic again. We hope you will like it and share to as many people and change their conservative mindsets. *** Make Me Starr Salutes Womanhood *** Cast: Masoom Jajoo, Saksham Bhardwaj, Arpit Shankhdhar Written & Directed By: Atul Chauhan Please SUBSCRIBE to support us and to stay updated on our future releases. Please share your feedback in COMMENTS section and if you liked our imperfect attempt, please hit LIKE and SHARE. We are nothing without our viewers. WANT TO JOIN US? If you have a passion you would like to nurture or a talent you would like showcase, Make Me Starr is the place for you. Just drop us a note at [email protected] and we would be glad to welcome you. ABOUT US: Make Me Starr is an open initiative to bring common man on the silver screen. It is a platform for anyone and everyone to nurture and showcase their creative passion. Our FB footprint: https://www.facebook.com/makemestar1 Twitter: @makemestarr Visit us on web: http://www.makemestarr.com (under revamp)
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Reusable sanitary pads helping Ethiopian girls stay in class uninterrupted
In many African countries, menstruation is rarely talked about, yet remains a stressful problem for teenage girls, particularly those from low-income homes who have to skip classes because they can't afford sanitary pads. However an Ethiopian entrepreneur in Addis Ababa is working to change that by producing affordable reusable sanitary towels that can last up to one year.
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Help us improve this girls future by buying sanitary pads for them! Don't hesitate to contact us for more info. Project&Video undertaken courtesy of Garden of Hope Foundation(c.b.o.). In addition, noteworthy mention&gratitude to the mobilisation of different groups and individuals, we were able to dispense the pads to girls in Samburu County, Lpus and Kisima. Through focused research by Anglican Development Services (ADS) a local based NGO, we were able to target needy girls who benefited from the pads.
A Girl Buying Sanitary Pads For Periods - A Short Film
Menstruation is the reason behind our existence. Sanitary pads are necessary to keep hygiene and stay away from diseases. Yet, people hesitate talking about sanitary pads. Why ? With this video we want to break the stereotype. Raise your voice, ask louder for sanitary pads, it's not taboo , it's necessary. Do subscribe our channel Dagdi Films. Share this video. Visit our website : www.filmydagdi.com Join us on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/filmydagdidotcom/
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Sonam Kapoor DISTRIBUTES Sanitary Pads To School Girls
Actress Sonam Kapoor came to promote Padman in a school in Mumbai and there she distributed sanitary napkins to school kids. Reporter: Abhishek Halder. Editor: Advait Pansare. Subscribe now and watch for more of Bollywood Entertainment Videos at http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bollywoodnow Regular Facebook Updates https://www.facebook.com/bollywoodnow. Twitter Updates https://twitter.com/bollywoodnow Follow us on Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/bollywoodnow Follow us on Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+bollywoodnow
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GIRL Droping Sanitary Pad in Public!PADMAN PRANK!Social Experiment!FUNKYTV
Please watch: "Chaddi & Bra Magic With Magic Box Prank on Girls|Hilarious Reactions|FUnkyTv|" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af7zvr6zt1E --~-- PADMAN PRANK!GIRL Droping Pad in Public!Social Experiment!FUNKYTV Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/FunkyTv1/ Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/funkytv/ My Profile(Facebook) - https://www.facebook.com/funkiansitu My Instagram- -https://www.instagram.com/funkian_situ/ sUBSCRIBE TO FILMY BOYS- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIPJTQ_asZk6qoXZp-LtCmQ Follow us- -https://www.facebook.com/FunkyTv1/ Subscribe Our channel- Search Me on FACEBOOK- FUNKIAN SITU THANK YOU ALL BEAUTIFUL SUBSCRIBERS AND VIEWERS FOR LOVING US. BUSYNESS INQUIRY - [email protected] (Email US For Any Business Related Query )
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International Girls Day: Sanitary Pads Donated to School
As the world celebrated the international day of the girl child, Friday, Kabii girls primary school was not left out. They received a donation of sanitary towels from kiambu youth development association to help keep the girl child in school.
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Hi peeps How are you all doing So today this video was soooooo inspired by Padman movie I love that movie from bits So amazing content and Akshay Kumar had to be amazing for this Not the fact that the movie was so different based on real life but the man who had the guts to do this is soooooo amazing and inspiring I thought of sharing how girls buy pads and how ashamed they are of buying pads JUST FOR FUN NO OFFENCE My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/priyankaalmeida/ ROPOSO_ https://www.roposo.com/profile/priyan... TWITTER_ https://mobile.twitter.com/PriyankaAl...
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Product of Japan..Sanitary Pads for Girls and for elderly
My Tagalog Channel blog and life here in Tokyo .in this video .i'm gonna show you the variety of sanitary napkins in Japan..they're colorful cute and looks yummy ha ha ha...
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2 Indian girls make, distribute free sanitary pads for underprivileged women
The teenagers are inspired by Bollywood movie 'Padman'. The World is One News, WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim is to empower people to explore their world. Please keep discussions on this channel clean and respectful and refrain from using racist or sexist slurs as well as personal insults. Subscribe to our channel at https://goo.gl/JfY3NI Check out our website: http://www.wionews.com Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WIONews Twitter: https://twitter.com/WIONews Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+WIONews
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Periods for girls | Menstruation Pain | Hot Girls selling Sanitary Pads to Men
Period for girls is the most difficult days for the month every girl hates it. So this time we decided and hit the streets with some questions related to menstruation. How is Period for girls? How does if feels to be in pain while having period? What would happen if a man gets Period. We asked this question and got crazy answers. As you know Girls are so good in selling the things we asked girls to sell the pads to Men. Girls selling sanitary pads to Men. What a mind blowing sales girls. You definitely not miss this 😝 We had lot of fun shooting this We hope you will also enjoy the every bit of it. Watch the video till the end to find out their crazy weird funny answers! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like it please subscribe to our channel. Press the bell icon as well. ►Join us (after all it's free): https://www.bit.ly/subscribem2n ► Check out the vlog: http://bit.ly/ChiniVlog ► Check out our comedy sketches http://bit.ly/drolltrollyt ►Like our facebook page for full interviews: https://www.facebook.com/masstonation If you have any issue with the content you can contact us at [email protected]
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Sonam Kapoor's BEST Reply To School Girls Embaressing Question On Pads At Padman Promotions
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Is Sanitary Pad A Shame ? Akshay Kumar (Padman) Prank in India ! Prank Gone wrong ! Le le Panga
Hi friends, this is a special video for all our viewers. Girls feel shy to buy Sanitary napkins without the wrapper, they hesitate to ask Sanitary napkins in medical store. The medical store keeper wraps that sanitary napkin in an old newspaper and then hands it to the girl in a black plastic bag. We want to know that what is that confidentiality behind it? This video was shot for just an awareness and reality check purpose. We asked to girls, in Delhi, that will they feel comfortable buying Sanitary napkins without the black polythene? We receive their shocking reactions which left us puzzled because we had no idea that this would happen. Sanitary napkin is as normal as other medical products. India is a county where there is no sex education in schools, Parents and society consider it as a taboo or bad thing. Youth want to know about the sex and similar issues but they don't have sufficient sources to do so. Indian society remains silent on few issues like sex, virginity, periods, masturbation or watching porn and etc. So, Le Le Panga decided to talk about it and make people aware about the myths and superstition. Le Le Panga is a public opinion channel where people are interviewed randomly. We believe that every person should have an equal access to speech, we consider issues to be talked publicly and openly unlike other traditional media channels where only few people have privilege to speak on the behalf of whole country. Le Le Panga tries to let Indians know what common and ordinary people of India think about prevalent issues. No problem can be resolved unless making collective efforts and unanimous acceptance. Instead of being aggressive, we use very polite, hospitable and calm talks with our interviewees. Our hosts tend to be cool and calm, because it's Le Le Panga's identity and uniqueness as well as our strength. Thanks Le Le Panga
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Free Sanitary pads for 1000 girls
Due to the current economy in Nigeria the prices of sanitary pads skyrocketed. So we at Slim Girl Shapewear - BodyFab decided to do something about it.
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Hellen Nkuraiya - sanitary pads project for the Masai girls
Hellen Nkuraiya explains about the sanitary pads project for the Masai girls
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A Pad Short Film -Switch | Respect The Girls | Jaya, Bhaskar & Milan | Directed By Amyheart's
#AMYHEARTS_FILMS, This video is not for all boys, this is just for some boys, who have stupidity in mind. Starring: #Jaya_Hanutiya #Bhaskar_Mishra #Milan_S_Mile Writer: #Anjali_Mishra Director: #Amyhearts instagram https://instagram.com/amyhearts.official https://instagram.com/amyhearts_films
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#WorthBleedingFor: No pads - No school for African girls
Imagine using old clothing, rags, papers, leaves or grass to soak up menstrual blood. Imagine being humiliated, embarrassed when having your period. These are some of the challenges around 2.1 million South African schoolgirls face. Not being able to afford sanitary pads, many schoolgirls even miss classes. But, a new campaign is aiming to stop the problem #WorthBleedingFor are calling for pads to be made freely available and keep girls in school. Amnesty International Wits kicked the campaign off in Johannesburg. On average, a girl misses approximately 5 days of school per month. This equates to 60 school days a year. Those who can’t face the challenges, drop out of school completely. Others don't want to use school toilets. For fear of being humiliated by boys who see them. Unsanitary alternatives can destroy their chances of having a baby. Campaigners want freely available pads for students and staff around the country. This way, girls can continue their education just like boys. #WorthBleedingFor says pads are a necessity not a luxury. Pads are expensive in the country notably for households earning less than 500 Rands a month. The campaign also wants government to remove taxes from the product. Five years ago, President Jacob Zuma made a promise: He pledged to provide free sanitary pads for poor women. This promise is yet to be fulfilled. Due to a lack of clean water and sanitary toilets in rural areas, Menstruation is a challenge not only in South Africa, But also in sub-Saharan Africa Where 1 in 3 women walk for long distances to use a clean toilet. Access to basic sanitation and pads is a human right Which makes this campaign #WorthBleedingFo
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Reusable Sanitary Pads Dignifying Teenage Girls in Rural Kenya
Support the "No Shame, No Regret" campaign on Indiegogo http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/no-shame-no-regret-campaign/ The Shame of improper menstrual management is unbearable, it is a massive challenge to young teenage girls in rural Kenya who cannot afford disposable sanitary pads. Many teens regret having been born girls, inevitably have to deal with menses on a monthly basis. At Rural Teenagers Support Programme, we are working to ensure girls in rural areas don't have to worry ever again about "that time of the month" by donating Neema Reusable Sanitary Pads that are a sustainable, hygienic and cost effective solution for menstrual management. It's simple with Neema Reusable Pads; Use - Clean - Dry - Reuse. With your help we shall reach out to many teenage girls. We shall soon be running a fundraising campaign on www.indiegogo.com to raise an initial US$ 39,000 out of US$100,000 that we need in 2015 to donate 6,000 hygiene kits to both teenage boys and girls, establish a reusable sanitary pads tailoring workshop and provide life skills training in 10 public primary schools in rural areas. To support the No Shame, No Regret in Kenya, you can send your donation on Safaricom M-PESA Paybill No. 330350. Rural Teenagers Support Programme, a Brighter Future for Teens in Kenya. Follow our work empowering girls since October 2013 on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Ruralteens. Contact Us: George Warui, Program Director, Tel: +254 720 762021 e-Mail: [email protected]
Sonam Kapoor Distributed Sanitary Pads To School Girls To Promote Akshay Kumar's Padman
Sonam Kapoor Distributed Sanitary Pads To School Girls To Promote Akshay Kumar's Padman For More Updates: Subscribe to: https://www.youtube.com/user/movietalkies Like us on: https://www.facebook.com/MovieTalkies Follow us on: https://twitter.com/MovieTalkies Follow us on: https://www.instagram.com/movietalkies/
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Sanitary pads - African Slum Journal
Lack of sanitary pads means no school for many girls in Korogocho and other slums. They loose four days school every month during menstruation. Not affording the pad they stay home out of embarrassment. http://www.africanslumjournal.com
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Sheva: Keeping Girls in School Through Sanitary Pads
When a customer purchases a product on Sheva's website, a box of sanitary pads is given to a girl in a developing country
Padman - College girls distribute free sanitary pads to poor women
Two girls from Jaipur have started a campaign to spread awareness among women regarding health issues and the use of sanitary napkins during menstruation. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a new video: https://goo.gl/aHDqhh Latest Controversy- https://goo.gl/K3kCrc National News- https://goo.gl/e3qN8Q Breaking News- https://goo.gl/m495sW Fitness Freak- https://goo.gl/Xemkrm Recipe- https://goo.gl/vsdsud Beauty Tips- https://goo.gl/PM48VF Prime Time Debate- https://goo.gl/G3TS3C Rajasthan Patrika (राजस्थान पत्रिका) is the India's new hindi news digital platform that act as the mirror of the society. It helps in bridging the gap between the users and the current happenings in the society all around the world. If you are interested in watching hindi live news as well as breaking news then our YouTube channel will help you in giving you infotainment. Like Us on Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rajasthanpatrika/ Like us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rpbreakingnews Like us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Rajasthanpatrikanews Like us on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RajasthanPatrikaTV Visit Our Website: http://rajasthanpatrika.patrika.com Rajasthan Patrika News is available across all platforms in India - Analog, Digital Cable and DTH. Here you can watch hindi news, breaking news, politics news, rajasthan news hindi, rajasthan local news, राजस्थान समाचार. Lots of videos and lots more in the pipeline. Stay tuned.
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Free Sanitary Pads For Needy Kenyan Girls
Initiative for African Girl Child (IAGC) is a registered Kenyan Non Governmental Organization (NGO). We run a project where we give free sanitary pads to needy primary school girls. These girls come from marginalized communities and live in abject poverty where basic needs like food and clothing are hard to come by hence sanitary pads is a luxurious affair. These girls are forced to discontinue their education because of these vital commodities. We at IAGC know that education is what will get these girls out of poverty. We are committed to ensuring that no girl drops out of school for lack of sanitary towels. Visit our website for more information and to know how you can help. http://www.iagckenya.org/
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Akshay Kumar talking about girls period and sanitary pad - worth to watch
akshay kumar starring at padman releasing on 26 januray or on the republic day. pad man is introduced as indian super hero. who makes affordable and reasonable sanitary pads for girls. radhika apte, akshay kumar and his wife twinkle khanna spotted at the promotional event of padman where they openly talked about periods and sanitary pad with media, what the full footage. Subscribe for more latest videos Don't forget subscribe, thanks
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UP: Govt to distribute free sanitary napkins to girls in school
UP government to distribute sanitary napkins to all girls in the school.
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High cost of sanitary pads puts South African girls’ education at risk
An an exciting campaign in partnership with a Swedish NGO, Wise Economy and Project Dignity, Sonke Gender Justice visited Gugulethu Comprehensive Secondary School on 9 March, 2017 to uplift and empower young women in South Africa and offer a dignified solution to managing their menstruation. A group of 100 boys and girls were also educated on puberty and menstruation – a subject that is often taboo in their cultures. Sonke’s role in the My Periods Are Awesome campaign is to engage boys on the subject of puberty and how to respect women and girls while experiencing these changes. Gugulethu Comprehensive Secondary School is the first of five schools that will be visited around the Western Cape.
How to make DIY sanitary napkin pouch organiser.must watch for girls.
Hi all, this video about how i made my DIY sanitary pad organiser. So i can keep my essentials handy.I hope all girls will like it. Thank you for watching !! With Love & Happiness Shraddha Sawant Kumbla Please make sure to LIKE and SHARE the video and Subscribe to the channel for more intersting videos. Follow me on: ♥ ♥ BLOG ♥ ♥ https://ombremeom.blogspot.com ♥ ♥ INSTAGRAM ♥ ♥ https://www.instagram.com/shraddhakumbla/ ♥ ♥ FACEBOOK ♥ ♥ https://www.facebook.com/shraddhakumbla/ ♥ ♥ TWITTER ♥ ♥https://twitter.com/Shraddhakumbla ♥ ♥ PINTEREST ♥ ♥https://in.pinterest.com/shraddhakumbla/ ♥ ♥ EMAIL INQUIRY ♥ ♥ [email protected] Copyright :- Gajalee with shraddha reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice. Please do not use any contain of this channel before asking permission. copyright By Shraddha Kumbla © 2017
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Sanitary pads and sanitation can keep girls in school
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Girl to Girl program Nepal-reusable sanitary pads distribution.
Female health and sanitation education program in history in the remote Rasuwa District of Nepal.
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Pad Man: Couple distributed sanitary pads for underprivileged girls
The PadMan challenge, which has spread like wildfire on the social media, is related to the upcoming film 'PadMan' starring Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, and Radhika Apte. But this couple from Gujarat is distributing free sanitary pads to girls. Subscribe us on YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/NewsNationTV Get More Updates on: http://www.newsnation.in Download Android and iOS Apps for more updates: Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newsnationonline&hl=en iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/newsnation/id917219227?mt=8 Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsNationChannel Twitter : https://twitter.com/NewsNationTV Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NewsNationTV?pageId=106285995264756645929&authuser=1
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Free Reusable Sanitary Pad for Bangladeshi Poor Girls
International Organization 'Days for Girls' providing Free Reusable Sanitary Pad for Bangladeshi Poor Girls. Australian Aged people, girls and men are doing volunteer job for this project. They already distributed more than thousand gift packs in Bangladesh.
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Send Sanitary Pads To Ugandan Girls
Generation Youth Uganda is now having a new Campaign Known as '' SEND A SANITARY PAD We are to launch this campaign for the reason of what we've observed from some girls of the age of 11yrs to 20yrs. This is urgently calling us to help them by giving them those pads to avoid problems and being uncomfortable during their periods. We will be reaching Schools, Churches,Hospitals, Villages, Institutions and Communities to educate and also to provide free Sanitary Pads to all girls AND women. FOR THOSE WHO WOULD WISH TO SEND PADS Please use this address Mawejje Joseph, P.O. BOX 116 , Mukono, Uganda, +256 791930636 Please i request you to use DHL or FEDX when sending Thank you During our research we've found many girls from the age of 10yrs - 20yrs in villages and some areas in towns, some don't have money to buy those sanitary pads, And this has made these girls use dirty clothes and other even don't know what to do. I feel you and we, can do something great send us emails at [email protected] VENUE : Mukono Mayor's Garden DATE: 20th / July / 2012 Time : 10: 00pm - 01: 00pm
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Nyeri girls get free sanitary pads
A group of young people in Nyeri have taken up the role of supporting primary school girls by donating free sanitary towels to the girls in school. Girls in the forty public schools in Nyeri central district are set to benefit from the initiative. Led by the group leader Muchemi Karani,the ten young citizens dished out pads to 400 pupils at Githuariga primary school and promised to supply the essentials for a period of one year whereby each month the beneficiaries will be given two packets of sanitary wear. Margaret Gachagua, wife to the Nyeri governor applaud the noble gesture by the youth and challenged them to also think of the challenges facing the boy child in school as the boys drop out rate is alarming. Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on http://www.ktnkenya.tv Follow us on http://www.twitter.com/ktnkenya Like us on http://www.facebook.com/ktnkenya
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Project Inspire- Re-usable Sanitary Pads For Girls and Women in Kenya
About 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads. Evidence suggests that the period around puberty is one in which many girls drop out of school or are absent from school for significant periods of time. Menstruation causes Kenyan adolescent girls to lose an average of 3.5 million learning days per month. Limited access to safe, affordable, convenient and appropriate methods of dealing with menstruation has far reaching implications for the rights physical, social and mental well-being of many adolescent girls in Kenya. Our project is about making re-usable pads (N-Care pads) which will radically prove to create an environment where women and girls can step boldly into the promise of their future. The goal of this project is to empower vulnerable girls and women through the provision of re-usable pads, capacity building on menstrual hygiene management and reproductive health for improved performance and self esteem. This will entail the production and distribution of re-usable sanitary pads as well as ensuring provision of menstrual hygiene management education and facilities to girls in primary schools in two counties of Nyanza Region. You can join us in this project by writing to me: [email protected]
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Re-useable Pads Keeping Girls in School
The conversation around the absence of appropriate sanitary materials and its impact on the girl child’s reproductive and education continues. But some schools in northern Uganda will not rest on their laurels and wait for help. They are rising above this challenge with young girls venturing into making their own reusable sanitary pads. Benson Ongom visited one such school and has the details in the following report.
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Government secure loan to buy sanitary pads for school girls
Government secure loan to buy sanitary pads for school girls
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Mexican Singer's Sanitary Pad Falls Out Mid Performance
Every woman has at least one mortifying period-related story in her arsenal, but I doubt if they compare to Patricia Navidad’s. ------------------------------------ STORY LINK: http://elitedai.ly/1MDCmQB ------------------------------------ OUR OTHER CHANNELS: iO Trendz: http://bit.ly/1FNmTNm iO 2 Channel: http://bit.ly/1DX899D iO Uncut:http://bit.ly/12ltqOS ------------------------------------ MAIL US SOMETHING: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 ------------------------------------ CONNECT WITH US: Instagram: http://instagram.com/informoverload Twitter: https://twitter.com/InformOverload Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InformOverload Website: http://www.informoverload.com iO T-Shirts: http://iostore.spreadshirt.com ------------------------------------ IN THIS VIDEO: Michael McCrudden: http://www.twitter.com/mccruddenm ------------------------------------ VIDEO EDITED BY: Sophia KiddBeatz: http://youtube.com/SophiaBeatbox
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